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Test Your English

Welcome to Test Your English page,
where you can test your knowledge of English with a test.
There are quizzes for all levels on grammar, vocabulary, and reading.
Go ahead and check your level!

  Grammar Test     Articles and nouns

  Grammar Test     Test on the usage of the verb tenses (General)

  Verb Test LEVEL 1
Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future simple, Present Continious)

  Verb Test LEVEL 2  Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Past Continious, Future Continious, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect)

  Verb Test LEVEL 3 Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present, Past, Future Perfect + Perfect Continious)

  Verb Test LEVEL 4 Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Sequenses of tenses, Indirect speach, Future in the Past)

  Grammar Test     Passive Voice

  Grammar Test     Infinitive

  Grammar Test     Modal Verbs

  Crammar Test     Conditionals - If I were you. If I went... If you had seen ... I would be ...

  Prepositions at, on, in      ... at home, ... on the bus, ... in the car, ...on time, ... in time, ... at the end, ... in the end, ... in the morning, at night

  Prepositions with adjectives, nouns and verbs    .. worry about, ... sorry for, ... interested in, ... good at, ... famous for, ... engaged to, ... kind of, ... fed up with, ... reason for

  Test 1 Reading 1     Multiple Choice

  Test 1 Reading 2
     Text Complition

  Lexical Test Common

   Lexical Test (little, a little, few, a few)

  Lexical Test
(somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody)

  Lexical Test (say, tell, speak, talk)

  Lexical Test (either, neither, also,too)

  Lexical Test (beautiful, handsome, pretty, good-looking, lovely)

  Lexical Test (clothes and fashion)

  Lexical Test (sport)  

  Lexical Test (travel and holiday)    

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