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Test Your English



Welcome to Test Your English page,
where you can test your knowledge of English with a test.
There are quizzes for all levels on grammar, vocabulary, and reading.
Go ahead and check your level!


  Grammar Test     Articles and nouns

  Grammar Test     Test on the usage of the verb tenses (General) 

  Grammar Test Present cont. Present Simple

  Verb Test LEVEL 1 Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future simple, Present Continious) 

 4 tenses Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present Simple, Past Simple, Future simple, Present Continious)

  Verb Test  Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present Simple, Past Simple,  Present Continious, Present Perfect) 

  Grammar Test Past Simple Present Perfect 

  Grammar Test Past Simple Present Perfect active/passive

  Verb Test LEVEL 2  Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Past Continious, Future Continious, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect)

  Verb Test LEVEL 3 Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Present, Past, Future Perfect + Perfect Continious)

  Verb Test LEVEL 4 Test on the usage of the verb tenses (Sequenses of tenses, Indirect speach, Future in the Past) 

  Grammar Test   Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous

  Grammar Test   Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Continuous, Past Continuous

  Grammar Test   Passive Voice 

  Grammar Test   The Future

  Grammar Test   Tenses 

  Grammar Test   I am doing , I’m going to, I will

  Grammar Test   In  at  on (position)

  Grammar Test   A an the

  Grammar Test   A, the, an 

  Grammar Test   A, an and some

  Grammar Test    all every and whole

  Grammar Test   Quite, pretty, rather and fairly

  Grammar Test   Both / both of / neither /neither of / either / either of

  Grammar Test    Neither  

  Grammar Test    Names with and without the  

  Grammar Test    Can, could be, able to, сould do, could have done

  Grammar Test    Have got and have, Used to (do)

  Grammar Test   Must and can’t, May and might, Have to and must, Needn’t

  Grammar Test   Infinitive 

  Grammar Test   Verbs Infinitives and -ingforms

  Grammar Test   Organazing 

  Grammar Test  Position of adjectives  

  Grammar Test   Adverbs and conjunction

  Grammar Test   Adjectives or adverbs

  Grammar Test   Countable/Uncountable nouns

  Grammar Test   Should, would

  Grammar Test     Modal Verbs

  Grammar Test     Modals

  Grammar Test     Phrasal verbs  

  Grammar Test     Reporting 

  Grammar Test     Complex Object

  Grammar Test     Conditionals - If I were you. If I went... If you had seen ... I would be ...    

  Grammar Test     Possessive case

  Grammar Test comparison of adjectives (Elementary)

  Grammar Test Degrees of comparison (Adjectives)

  Grammar Test Participles

  Prepositions at, on, in      ... at home, ... on the bus, ... in the car, ...on time, ... in time, ... at the end, ... in the end, ... in the morning, at night

  Prepositions with adjectives, nouns and verbs    .. worry about, ... sorry for, ... interested in, ... good at, ... famous for, ... engaged to, ... kind of, ... fed up with, ... reason for

  Lexical Test Common

  Lexical Test (little, a little, few, a few)

  Lexical Test (somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody)

  Lexical Test (say, tell, speak, talk)

  Lexical Test  Grammar/Lexical test

  Lexical Test (either, neither, also,too)

  Lexical Test (confusing pairs)

  Lexical Test (beautiful, handsome, pretty, good-looking, lovely)

  Lexical Test (clothes and fashion)

  Lexical Test (sport)    

  Lexical Test (Sport 2)

  Lexical Test (travel and holiday)    

  Lexical Test (the Weather)

  Lexical Test Appearance

  Lexical Test Confusing pairs

  Lexical Test Health and medicine

  Lexical Test Food and drink

  Lexical Test My Flat 

  Lexical Test Make or do 

  Lexical Test The natural environment

  Lexical Test General test

  Lexical Test Free time and music 

  Lexical Test Entertainment and artc 

  Lexical Test relationships family colleagues

 Lexical Test Idioms about food 

 Lexical Test Магистратура 1 

 Lexical Test  Olympics Level 1

 Lexical Test  Olympics Level 2

 Lexical Test  Olympics Level 3  

 Lexical Test  Idioms





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