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Lesson 8 Env. protection. How to be green


How Environmentally Aware Are You?  
1. Do you care whether the products you choose contain recycled materials?  
           Yes.      No.
2. When you buy one or two items at the supermarket do you buy a plastic bag for them?  
           Yes.      No.
3. How often do you have your waste-bin full?
           Daily.     More seldom.
4. Do you always wrap chewing gum in the fold paper after use before throwing it away?
           Yes.      No.
5. Does your family return the bottles for recycling (take them to a recycling bin or a special shop)?   
           Yes.     No.
6. How often do you use scrap paper for your own educational needs?
           Often.     Not often.
7. Do you smoke?
           Yes.      No.
8. Have you ever practiced discriminate dumping waste?  
           Yes.      No.
9. Do you use ecologically friendly vehicles or prefer walking to riding a bus if the distance is not big?
           Yes.      No.
10. If a local park is damaged after celebrations will you volunteer to help with the clean-up project?  
           Yes.      No.
11. Are you concerned about diminishing number of trees and bushes in your city? Would you like to
participate in planting trees yourself?
           Yes, I would.    It’s never crossed my mind.  
12. Have you noticed in what condition are our rivers in the city?  
           Yes, I have.     It’s never crossed my mind to.
13. When you clean your teeth you leave the tap running until you have finished.  
           Yes.      No, I only use one glass of water.
14. When you buy paper products, you try to purchase recycled paper.  
          Yes.     No.
15. Are you satisfied with the quality of the tap water?  
 Yes.     No.
16. If you were invited to a leisure hunting, would you like to go?  
           Yes.      No.
17. Would you participate in the movement against using natural furs in clothing?  
           Yes.      No.
18. Do you consider burning tree leaves in autumn the most optimal way of cleaning streets?  
           Yes.      No.
19. When you are at home do you care to turn off the lights where they are not needed?  
           Yes.      No.
20. Do you have any concrete suggestions as for the Kyoto (Doha) Agreements?  
           To tell the truth, I’ve never heard about them.    
 Yes, I have, here they are:  
1. ____________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________
Now count your results:
  For “Yes” in questions: 1, 4-6, 8-14, 17, 19 – add 5 points, 20 (2 points for each
  For “No” in questions: 2-3, 7, 15-16, 18 – also add 5 points.
Sum up your points.  If you have:
From 0 to 35 – There is little in the world about which you could care less. It’s just not your cup
of tea. But beware. The other drink may contain hazardous pollutants!
From 35 to 75 – You care about the nature but there are a lot of other much more important
things in your life. Environmental issues worry you but let someone else do something about it.
From 75 to 101 – Congratulations! You are green! Due to the people like you the humanity has a
chance. You consider yourself a part of the environment, which is actually true.   
Discuss your results in the group. Do you agree or disagree with them? 

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