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Lesson 6 Paper vs Tablets


1. Divide our students into 2 groups. One group writes about functions of paper, the other writes about functions of I-Pad.
2. Compare these functions.
3. Ask the students what they use more paper or I-Pad.
4. Show the video. (till 0:21)
5. Ask your students what they think about it. What feelings does the man have? What feelings does the woman have. What kind of video it is?
6. Show the rest of the video.

7. Ask your students following questions:
- Do you consider yourself atechnophile or a technophobe?
-What gadgets have you got?
-What gadget would you find it difficult to live without?
-Is there any new technology you couldn’t live without?
-Has technology made our lives better or worse?
-Do you think you spend too muchtime online?
-Do you think people use their mobile phones too much?
-Does it ever bother you when people use their mobile phones?
-What apps do you have on your mobile phone?
-Would you prefer to have a tablet or a laptop?


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