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Lesson 4 Time to come home. a lesson on Family related topics


Step 1
Start a conversation about Family. Ask how students celebrate national holidays, how often they spend time with families and how they celebrate family occasions, etc.
Step 2
Get feedback from the whole class on their favorite holidays.
Step 3
Tell your students they are going to watch a short film titled Time to come home in which they will see one family celebrating Christmas. 

Film is in German with English subtitles, so as they watch pause the film on the moments they speak and translate some collocations. 

Pause at the 0:22 and discus. 
How does old man feel? Why?
What or who helps him not to feel so lonely? 
How would you feel in this situation? 
What should his children do to make him feel better? Etc.
Step 4 

While watching the rest you can pause and discuss what each people do and where they are.

Step 5

Pause at 0:56 and discuss
What has happened?
How does they feel?
What did they do wrong? 
What should they have done to avoid such situation?

Step 6

Pause at 1:05 
Suggest students to give their ideas on what is going to happen?

After watching the video ask weather students liked it? 
What is the main idea of the video?

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