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Lesson 3

No dogs! Elementary
1.Present the unknown words and their definitions
gates – ворота
swings - качели
slides - горки
bench - скамейка
to squeeze - пролезть
cat flap – дверца для кошки
playground – игровая площадка
to climb the ladder – взбираться по лестнице
to go down the slide – съезжать с горки
to whizz round on the roundabout – прокатиться на карусели
see-saw – качалка-балансир
to bounce on the springy – прыгать на пружине
2. Watch the video and pause it periodically. Choose the correct answer:
1. What time was it when Katie`s mum was waiting for her at the school gates? (0:07)
a) 1:30
b) 3:15
c) 3:30
2. For how long did the mother allow Katie and her friend to stay in the park? (0:19)
a) 1 hour
b) 30 minutes
c) 1 hour and 30 minutes
3. When they reached the park girls ran towards…. (0:28)
a) swings and slides
b) bench
4. How did Jessie get out of the house? (1:26)
a) he jumped out from the window
b) he opened the front door
c) he squeezed through the cat flap
5. How could Jessie enter the park?
a) he squeezed through the gate
b) he didn`t do anything, because the gate was open
c) the guard let him in
6. What actions DIDN`T Jessie do on the playground?
a) went down the slide
b) whizzed round on the roundabout
c) went up and down on the see-saw
d) flew a kite
e) climbed up the ladder
f) bounced on the springy
g) went up and down on the swing
h) swam in the pool
3. Answer the questions:
Do you like to play on the playground?
What can you do on the playground?
What do like doing there the most?



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