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Lesson 11 MAnchester city tour guide

The Northern Quarter in Manchester is a great place to shop for...?

a. fruit and vegetables

b. clothes and accessories

c. electrical goods

d. food and wine


Manchester is Britain's...?

a. third largest city

b. largest city

c. smallest city

d. second largest city


The Beetham Tower is...?

a. Europe's tallest block of flats

b. Manchester's most expensive address

c. the oldest building in the city

d. the newest building in the city


Which art gallery is dedicated to Manchester's most famous painter?

a. The Turner Centre

b. The Lowry Centre

c. The Constable Centre

d. The Bacon Centre


Which of these museums would you find in Manchester…

a. The Toy Museum

b. The Imperial War Museum

c.  The National Rail Museum

d. The Maritime Museum



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