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Lesson 1

The princes and the dragon Elementary Lesson 1
1.Present the unknown words and their definitions, which children might not know:
once upon a time – давным-давно
king – король
queen – королева
castle - замок
ugly ogre – страшный великан
to capture – брать в плен
tower - башня
knight - рыцарь
to save - спасти
 to rescue - освободить
to take a fiery breath – дышать огнем
to be scared - бояться
my pleasure! – не за что!
2. Watch the video
3. Answer the questions:
1) Who lived in the castle?
2) Who captured the beautiful princess?
3) Who wanted to rescue the princess?
4) How was the princess rescued?
5) Where did the dragon and the princess fly?
6) What did the king and the queen give the dragon?




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