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Lesson 1 Unbroken - Motivational video

Lesson 2  Look Up From Anti-social Social Network

Lesson 3 Inspirational video - Use your time

Lesson 4 Would you like to live forever

Lesson 5 Worlds toughest job mom

Lesson 6 Paper vs Hi-Tech  

Lesson 7 A phone made of grass(recycling, science, research)

Lesson 8 BE green. Environmental problems 

Lesson 9 The recruitment process

Lesson 10 Crime

Lesson 11Learn Programming

Lesson 12 City vs Rural area

Lesson 13 Clothes

Lesson 14 Mom vs Chef

Lesson 15 Classification of species

Lesson 16 Is there a difference between art and craft

Lesson 17 Travel Hacks

Lesson 18 The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Lesson 19 LA vs NY 

Lesson 20 IELTS rural vs urban area

Lesson 21 A beautiful mind trailer

Lesson 22 British traditions

Lesson 23 Robert Downey Jr.-Golden Globe Awards-best actor



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