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Paper format The paper contains four parts. Each part contains a recorded text or texts and corresponding comprehension tasks. Each part is heard twice.
Timing Approximately 40 minutes.
No. of parts 4.
No. of questions 30.
Task types Multiple choice, sentence completion,multiple matching.
Text types Monologues: announcements, radio broadcasts, speeches, talks, lectures, anecdotes, etc. Interacting speakers: radio broadcasts, interviews, discussions, etc.
Answer format Candidates are advised to write their answers in the spaces provided on the question paper while listening. There will be 5 minutes at the end of the test to copy the answers onto a separate answer sheet. Candidates indicate their answers by shading the correct lozenges or writing the required word or words in capital letters in a box on the answer sheet.
Recording The instructions for each task are information given in the question paper, and are also heard on the recording. These instructions include the announcement of pauses of specified lengths, during which candidates can familiarise themselves with the task and, for some items, predict some of the things they are likely to hear. A variety of voices, styles of delivery and accents will be heard in each Listening paper to reflect the various contexts presented in the recordings, as appropriate to the international contexts of the test takers.
Marks Each correct answer receives 1 mark.



Task type and focus Multiple choice. Feeling, attitude, opinion, purpose, function, agreement, course of action, gist, detail, etc.
Format Three short extracts from exchanges between interacting speakers with two multiple-choice questions on each extract.
No. of questions 6.


Task type and focus Sentence completion. Specific information, stated opinion.
Format A monologue (which may be introduced by a presenter) lasting approximately 3 minutes. Candidates are required to complete the sentences with information heard on the recording.
No. of questions 8.


Task type and focus Multiple choice. Attitude and opinion.
Format A conversation between two or more speakers of approximately 4 minutes. There are six multiple-choice questions, each with four options.
No. of questions 6.


Task type and focus Multiple matching. Gist, attitude, main points, interpreting context.
Format Five short themed monologues, of approximately 30 seconds each. Each multiple-matching task requires selection of the correct options from a list of  eight.
No. of questions 10.

Adapted from the 'CAE Handbook', which is available to order from Cambridge ESOL.

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