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For the question 1-5 chose the correct answer.
Banking and banks are very important for the functioning of the modern world. Without banks the way we use money would not work. Banks enable people to save money, borrow money and to pay for things with ease and security.
Each country in the world has its own well known banks that have branches in nearly every city so that they are convenient for people to use. People often have to visit the local branch of the bank when they want certain services. There are also some very big multinational banks that have branches in most countries in the world.
As well as the local branches that are in most cities, each bank will also have a head office. This is where all central tasks are performed that let the local branches function. The people that work in the branches will be the bank manager, the person in charge, and various tellers who work behind the bank counter and help the customers. There will also likely be security guards to protect the money, workers and customers.
Most customers will just need to see the tellers when they go to the bank if they are paying money into their account as either cash or a check. However, they might need to see the bank manager if they want to open an account or if they have become overdraw, when they have spent more money than there was in the account. Also if they want to borrow money and get a loan the person will need to see the bank manager who will have to approve it.
As well as being able to use cash or checks to pay for things, banks also offer their customers the more convenient methods of using either a debit card or credit card. These methods are very convenient as you just need to carry a small plastic card to be able to pay for anything. When paying with plastic you will need to either sign a receipt or enter a PIN number to conform the purchase and that you are authorized to use the card.